domingo, 21 de janeiro de 2018

Jim & Andy - The Great Beyond

Jim Carrey e Andy Kaufman. Ambos sempre me fascinaram. Ambos personagens únicas e emblemáticas.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond é fenomenal, é genial. É o abrir de olhos. É o real. É a provocação dura. É o sarcasmo. É a ironia. É a chapada de luva branca. É um filme obrigatório.

"This isn't real. This is a story. There's the avatar you create and the cadence you come up with that is pleasing to people, that takes them away their issues and makes you popular. At some point, you have to peal it away. It's not who you are."
“We’re born into a family, so we’re told what our family name is, and then our parents choose a name and say, “Your name will be Joel. It means ‘the awesomeness of Yahweh’ and you have to live up to that, dude. We’re counting on you not to make us look bad. And you’re gonna go to Harvard and you’re gonna be a doctor. And by the way, you’re Catholic or you’re a Jew.” Everything’s abstract structures that you’re given, and it’s supposed to hold you together somehow. And I’ve just given them up—I don’t need to be held together.”
                               — Jim Carrey, excertos de Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond